Kachigo, Kaliyyeh, Lulu, and Saihamm Wielder information pages added to ETERNAL-CITY.COM

[3 October 2019]

In addition to Ann and Antoneva, we have added Wielder information pages that contains up-to-date and detailed information for Wielders Kachigo, Kaliyyeh, Lulu, and Saihamm.


The added pages are listed below. Click on any of them to go to the corresponding page.

Kachigo (God of Blades) – Kachigo is a star on Campus due to her beauty, unparalleled katana swordsmanship, and sense of justice. She is one of the first Wielders that you acquire and can be a valuable Melee DPS Warrior on your team.

Kaliyyeh (Mai) – Kaliyyeh is a free-spirited priestess and a dancer who loves to drink. She is a priority Wielder to acquire and build up as her powerful buff makes her a must-have Support for your team.

Lulu (Star Maid) – Lulu is a beautiful girl who prophesies based on her affinity with the stars. She is a top-tier if not the most powerful Tough Mage in the game excelling in both sustained damage and nuking.

Saihamm (Virgin) – Saihamm is a mercenary weapons master who always has a floating rack of guns at her disposal. She is the most powerful Shooter in the game with DPS that can surpass all Wielders if built correctly. Her range and survivability make her a top-tier must-have.


Also, check out our page on Wielder mechanics and our Wielder Tier-List page.

More Wielder information pages coming soon!

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