Summer Event: Sandy Beach Watermelon Smashing Competition

Sandy Beach Watermelon Smashing Competition!

Sandy Beach Watermelon Smashing Competition summer event in mobile game Eternal City

Another summer is here and it is finally time for the long-awaited beach vacation time to begin! Beautiful sun covered beaches, exquisite Wielder Swimsuits, and, of course, the much-loved summer delicacy- watermelons! But something seems to be wrong with this year’s watermelons…

Event Period:

August 1 2019 after server maintenance until August 15th 2019 07:00

Try out Swimsuits for the following seven Wielders during the Event : Ann, Ranulk, Rei, Antoneva, Bahisa, Yukiri, and Niya. Two game modes will be available alternately, with one being available each day.

Disappearing Delicacies:

The Magical Watermelons of Confluence have learned how to hide themselves. You must make haste, use Rachel’s detector, find the Watermelons’ traces and catch them! The time limit is 120 seconds, after which the Watermelons will jump into the sea and escape; you better be quick!

Rampaging Watermelons:

Furious Watermelons have begun wrecking havoc and they are rolling around everywhere on the beach. Whenever a Watermelon is caught, the remaining Watermelons will become afraid and roll even faster; Watermelons that have lost their way will join into Watermelon Regiments, which also move faster. Stop them at once!

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