Summer Event – Sandy Beach Contest

The summer event [Sandy Beach Contest] is here!

Sandy Beach Contest summer event in mobile game Eternal City

Join Niya and Yukiri’s team and seize control of the beach!

Event Periods:

The contest is made up of four stages:
Stage One : August 1 – August 7
Stage Two: August 8 – August 14
Stage Three: August 15 – August 21
Stage Four: August 22 – August 28
The Event will be available between 9:00 – 24:00 every day.

Event Progression:

Every Contest Stage is made up of two phases:
Phase One: the first Phase lasts 3 days, and the 8 outer Zones are available. When the Phase ends, the player currently in the lead will gain better Rewards, if it is a tie, then both will get Rewards as if they were in the lead.
Phase Two: the second Phase last 4 days, and all Zones are available. The player occupying the most Zones when this Phase ends will be crowned the Winner.

Event Description:

1. Commander’s can participate every time the Event is active. Upon entering, Commanders will play rock-paper-scissors and be drafted to either Yukiri or Niya’s Teams
2. Commander’s need to spend a certain amount of Event Stamina to take part in the Contest of Zones (both players will be adjacent). Contribution will be gained after every Battle and this value will be added to the Team’s Total Contribution.
3. Contribution Results will be tallied for Zones every 3 hours, lasting 5 minutes. After the tally, the Player with the most Contribution will occupy that Zone. Battles that begin before the tally has ended, but finish after the tally has begun or ended, will be disregarded; they won’t consume Stamina, and no Contribution will be gained                                                                           4. When one Team lags behind a certain number of Zones, they will gain the help of either Yukiri or Niya, and they will gain Bonus Contribution (Players won’t get Bonus on Contribution they themselves acquire).

Event Rewards:

1. Participating in Sandy Beach Battles grants Rewards.                                                                                                                                  2. When Commanders reach a certain amount of Contribution they can claim Contribution Rewards in the Reward Screen.       3. Rapid Report Rewards will be sent by mail after Phase One ends; Victory or Defeat Rewards will be sent by mail after the Contest is over.
4. The 500 Commanders with the most Total Contribution will also acquire Rank Rewards, which will be sent by mail after the Contest has ended.


Wave Soda acquired during the Event can be redeemed for various Swimsuits and other Items in the Summer Store.
The Store will be open till August 29th, 7:00, and after it is closed unused Wave Soda will be converted to Coins at a ratio of 1:100. Plan ahead and maximize your benefits, Commander.

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