Summer Event: Bullseye! Your heart is mine!

The summer event [Bullseye! Your heart is mine!] is here!

Bullseye your heart is mine summer event in mobile game Eternal City

Event Period:

August 1 2019 after server maintenance until August 29th 2019 07:00

Event Details:

A Reward will be granted for every 100 Gems and for every Game Pass spent to shoot Balloons. Game Passes will be used first, and they can be acquired by gaining progress in the Summer Notebook. Rewards include Wielder Swimsuit Skin, Soul Cores, and other Items.

This event contains Swimsuits for Ann, Ranulk, Rei, Antoneva, and Bahisa. Upon acquiring the first Swimsuit, you may choose which Wielder you want a Wwimsuit for. When acquiring the following Swimsuits you will get one at random and if you have not acquired a Swimsuit you do not own five times in a row, the next one will be a new one.

!! Attention!!

Unused Game Passes will be converted to Coins at a rate of 1:10000. Make sure to use them without delay.

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