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Saihamm is the most powerful Physical Shooter in Eternal City if not the most powerful Damage dealer out of all the Wielders. We recommend her as one of the first Wielders you should invest in.

How to Play

Saihamm is played as a combination of a ranged and melee (close range to point-blank ranged attacks) damage dealer relying mostly on her powerful normal attacks.

Her Passive Skill greatly increases her Pierce Chance helping her to cut down the HP of high durability enemies. Her first skill is a toggle between her Rifle of Light and her Shotgun. Rifle of Light gives her normal attacks massive range, allows her attacks to hit all enemies in a straight line, and has high attack speed. Shotgun makes her normal attacks split into 4 shots with short range that hit in a fan-shaped area, each shot is affected by all your Stat Chances and Bonuses making it incredibly powerful (ex. if multiple shots Crit and Collapse). Her 2nd Skill can be used as both an quick evade/escape + deter + movement speed increase and additional AOE Damage. With Kageso or allies that raise her attack speed, Saihamm is an unparalleled Damage dealer.


We recommend using Saihamm’s 2nd Skill to set your position (away from the enemy if the enemy has dangerous melee or control attacks, towards if you want to use Shotgun). Teaming her up with Kaliyyeh makes for a super combination as Kaliyyeh’s ultimate is the perfect buff for Saihamm’s powerful normal attacks.

How to Acquire

Via Memory Fractures/Selection Fractures/Gatchas/Draws from Hakuya House.

Saihamm Wielder passive skill Armor Piercing Rounds in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows laser rifle barrel

PASSIVE SKILL – Armor Piercing Rounds

Increase Pierce Chance by 20% on targets with more than 50% health.

Level 2: increase Pierce Chance by 30%

Level 3: increase Pierce Chance by 40%

Level 4: increase Pierce Chance by 50%

Saihamm Wielder 1st skill Weapons Master Rifle of Light in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows laser rifle barrel
Saihamm Wielder 1st skill Weapons Master Shotgun in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows shotgun barrel

1ST SKILL – Weapons Master

Switch weapons to Attack enemies. Rifle of Light: Deal Basic Attack Damage to all enemies in a straight line; Shotgun: Deal 3 Basic Attacks to all enemies in a fan-shaped area, when hit by multiple Shotgun rounds, Damage is reduced by 50% except for the first hit. Cooldown 1.0 second.

Level 2: After successfully switching the next Basic Attack deals 125% damage

Level 3: After successfully switching the next Basic Attack deals 150% damage

Level 4: increase damage of Rifle of Light and increase Shotgun rounds from 3 to 4

Saihamm Wielder 2nd skill Cluster Mines in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows a cluster mine exploding

2ND SKILL – Cluster Mines

Roll towards a target direction, leaving 3 Mines along the way. Enemy units in close proximity trigger the Mines, dealing Physical Area Damage and causing Knock-Back. Cooldown 11.0 seconds.

Level 2: increased Damage 14.2%

Level 3: increased Damage 25%

Level 4: After the Roll, increase self Movement Speed by 20% for 3 seconds.

Saihamm Wielder ultimate skill Combo Cannon in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows guns combining into a powerful blast


Merge all weapons into a Cannon, fire a Beam of Light towards a rectangular-shaped area, dealing Physical Damage. Cooldown 24 seconds.

Level 2: increased Damage 11.4%

Level 3: increased Damage 12.8%

Level 4: increased Damage 13.6%

Wielder attribute type Tough in mobile game Eternal City upward pointing red fist icon


Strong against: Deft

Weak against: Spirit

Wielder role Shooter in mobile game Eternal City crossbow icon



Saihamm wielder divine artifact Death Wings in mobile game Eternal City six futuristic guns black with bright red accents arrayed like a wing
Saihamm Wielder divine artifact skill God of Death on the Battlefield in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows Death Wing


Dark Wings

Description: the dark wings of Tarantos resemble the coming of death

Passive Skill: God of Death on the Battlefield

Every enemy defeated increases self Pierce Chance by 3.35% for 6 seconds, up to 4 stacks.

Level 2: increases self Pierce Chance by 6.7% per stack

Level 3: increases self Pierce Chance by 10% per stack

Level 4: up to 5 stacks

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EXCLUSIVE KAGESO – (coming soon)

Basic Attributes:

Kageso Specials:

Rank 2.0:

Rank 3.0:

Rank 4.0:

Rank 5.0:

Rank 6.0:

Rank 7.0:

Kageso Inscriptions:


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Basic Files

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Birthday: January 23

Gender: F

Motto: Glory of the Return God.

Appears: All Zones – Streets

Voiced by: Nakamura Sakura

A girl from the war zone. While she seldom talks, she’s actually afflicted by paranoia and psychopathy. With a twisted mind, her soul longs for liberation. In war she acted as a mercenary, she met a woman like an angel. She was a doctor in the army. Sometimes they would talk about the damn war, messy life, or maybe a good future. Later, because of the leak of internal intelligence the troops suffered a serious attack. In order to protect the doctors, Saihamm was hit by a bomb and fainted. After waking up, she had lost one eye, and her body suffered some changes that the doctor could not explain. The doctor died in the follow-up bombing, and her body disappeared. Then she left the troops and went to Confluence. She used to fight against humans but now fights against Monsters. For there is no difference, because she will send all of them to hell. She will occasionally miss that angelic woman when fighting in the battlefield. However, it is probable that she will never see her again.

Advanced Files

Hobby – Love: (coming soon)

Hobby – Hate: (coming soon)

Relic – Divine Artifact: Ambrosia Sumo Wine

Relic – Relic Plot 1: (coming soon)

Relic –  Relic Plot 2: (coming soon)

Relic –  Relic Plot 3: (coming soon)

Ability – Wielder Ability: Heal Wound

Daily Task – Daily Plot 1: The Soma Wine is Kaliyyeh’s Relic as it seems to endlessly emerge from the plate during battles. Kaliyyeh sprays other Wielders with the blessed wine to give them Buffs. Someone wanted to try it out of curiosity, and ended up being passed out for an entire day. That person’s name… will be kept a secret for their sake.

Daily Task – Daily Plot 2: To be honest, among the Wielders in Confluence. It seems that Bun Azusa can drink a lot, but she’ll make troubles once drunk. Kashu is almost the same as Bun Azusa, and can only drink a little. Li Ruoyi will be drunk after only a glass of wine. Anka and Boss Zhong will only drink in small glasses, they are not bold men. The other Wielders are either under age or forbidden to drink (such as Ranulk). Only Kaliyyeh can be talked to after being drunk, but she can’t remember anything after she wakes up.

Daily Task –  Daily Plot 3: (coming soon)

Evaluation – Kashu: Mm, a very eccentric one, looks quite strong but doesn’t really like to talk with others.

Evaluation – Leos: Ahem. (Incredible battle power.)

Evaluation – Haku: Meow, meow…A scary person, I don’t dare get close, although I had wanted to make friends with the cat alongside her.

Classified Files

Relationship – Tie Fragment 1: Selected as the ritual dancer by her hometown, she gained the power to create unlimited ambrosia on the day of the ritual. The villagers were astonished and named her the priestess. However, she was bored of supplying the townsfolk with ambrosia, so she left behind a huge supply of ambrosia for them and left town. In her travels, she found out her powers are related to the rumored “Confluence”, and finally came to this city..

Relationship – Tie Fragment 2: (coming soon)

Relationship – Tie Fragment 3: (coming soon)

Relationship – Tie Fragment 4: (coming soon)

Relationship – Tie Fragment 5: (coming soon)