Kaliyyeh main image for wielder guide page in mobile game Eternal City anime Arabian nights priestess dancer girl long ponytail blue black hair with gold decorative headpiece necklaces revealing black and crimson belly dancer style outfit with gold embellishments and sleeve shawl two floating blue glow alcohol plates




Kaliyyeh starts off a lowly C Star Level Wielder but is a priority to build up as she is a must-have Support in your lineup.

How to Play

Kaliyyeh is played first and foremost as a buff Support and secondarily as a damage dealer/healer.

Her ultimate skill is what makes Kaliyyeh indispensable as a top-tier Support. Her ultimate skill greatly increases the attack speeds of yourself and your allies, as well as causing each normal attack made yourself of your allies to trigger self-heals. Kaliyyeh is not the best healer nor the best damage dealer, but she is decent at both and combined with her ultimate skill’s powerful buff, she will be a great addition to your team.


We recommend pairing Kaliyyeh with Wielders that rely on their normal attacks rather than Wielders that rely on Skills. Use timely Switches to rebuff your team when necessary.

How to Acquire

Via Memory Fractures/Selection Fractures/Gatchas/Draws from Hakuya House.

Kaliyyeh Wielder passive skill Jumping Water in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows dancer with floating water alcohol plates

PASSIVE SKILL – Jumping Water

When Casting a Skill, 10% Chance to Cast an additional Jumping Alcohol.

Level 2: increase Chance to Cast by 15%

Level 3: increase Chance to Cast by 20%

Level 4: increase Chance to Cast by 30%

Kaliyyeh Wielder 1st skill Jumping Alcohol in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows water alcohol jumping from one plate to another

1ST SKILL – Jumping Alcohol

Cast an Alcohol on the nearest unit. It Jumps between friendly and enemy units, up to 6 Jumps. Heal friendly units; Deal Magic Damage to enemy units. Cooldown 6.0 seconds.

Level 2: increased Damage and Healing 14.2%

Level 3: increased Damage and Healing 25%

Level 4: up to 8 Jumps

Kaliyyeh Wielder 2nd skill Douse Alcohol in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows swirling water column

2ND SKILL – Douse Alcohol

Douse all units in the target area with Alcohol, dealing Magic Damage every second and Slowing them for 50% for 3 seconds. Cooldown 9.0 seconds.

Level 2: increased Damage 14.2%

Level 3: increase skill range to 150

Level 4: increased Damage 25%

Kaliyyeh Wielder ultimate skill Wine of Light in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows hand with healing blue flame

ULTIMATE SKILL – Wine of Light

Increase the Attack Speed of all surrounding allies by 50%. Every Basic Attack can Heal self. Lasts 6 seconds. Cooldown 25.0 seconds.

Level 2: increased Healing 14.2%

Level 3: Attack Speed increases 75%

Level 4: increased Healing 25%

Wielder attribute type Spirit in mobile game Eternal City blue energy blast icon


Strong against: Tough

Weak against: Deft

Wielder role Support in mobile game Eternal City heart icon



Kaliyyeh wielder divine artifact Sumo Wine in mobile game Eternal City two alcohol plates with swirling blue liquid
Kaliyyeh Wielder divine artifact skill Moon Ritual in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows alcohol plate



Description: This liquor for ritual is the ambrosia from Heaven

Passive Skill: Moon Ritual

When a friendly Wielder has HP lower than 60%, Moon God Suma starts a ritual that basks all friendly Wielders in Moonlight. Blessed Chance is increased by 10% and last for 6 seconds. Triggers 1 time every 30 seconds.

Level 2: increase Blessed Chance to 20%

Level 3: increase Blessed Chance to 30%

Level 4: increase Blessed Chance to 40%

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EXCLUSIVE KAGESO – (coming soon)

Basic Attributes:

Kageso Specials:

Rank 2.0:

Rank 3.0:

Rank 4.0:

Rank 5.0:

Rank 6.0:

Rank 7.0:

Kageso Inscriptions:


Kaliyyeh wielder outfit skin Mai in mobile game Eternal City anime Arabian nights priestess dancer long blue black hair in ponytail with gold hairpiece necklaces revealing white bellydancer costume with navy accents and pastel blue sleeve shawl two floating alcohol platesKaliyyeh wielder outfit skin Horizon Bird in mobile game Eternal City anime Arabian nights Egyptian queen priestess dancer long blue black hair in ponytail with gold winged hairpiece necklaces earrings revealing white and purple Egypt royal costume with golden accents and white wing sleeves two floating glowing yellow alcohol plates


Basic Files

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Birthday: September 19

Gender: F

Motto: If you can’t dance, I’ll teach you.

Appears: East Boulevard Pub

Voiced by: Kono Marika

An exotic dancer who is warm and open-minded as the shining sun. She is absolutely negligent and not good at mental work. If she is put in a maze, she will only destroy all the walls to get out. She works in a small pub near the East Boulevard. The boss doesn’t care about anything as long as the pub makes money, so she can decide many things in the pub. She is quite straightforward. She will buy a drink for the customers if she likes them, and she will drive the annoying customers out directly. Many customers like her and often come to her pub, and the drunkards gradually disappear. 

Advanced Files

Hobby – Love: (coming soon)

Hobby – Hate: (coming soon)

Relic – Divine Artifact:  Ambrosia Sumo Wine

Relic – Relic Plot 1: (coming soon)

Relic –  Relic Plot 2: (coming soon)

Relic –  Relic Plot 3: (coming soon)

Ability – Wielder Ability: Heal Wound

Daily Task – Daily Plot 1: The Soma Wine is Kaliyyeh’s Relic as it seems to endlessly emerge from the plate during battles. Kaliyyeh sprays other Wielders with the blessed wine to give them Buffs. Someone wanted to try it out of curiosity, and ended up being passed out for an entire day. That person’s name…will be kept a secret for their sake.

Daily Task – Daily Plot 2: To be honest, among the Wielders in Confluence. It seems that Bun Azusa can drink a lot, but she’ll make troubles once drunk. Kashu is almost the same as Bun Azusa, and can only drink a little. Li Ruoyi will be drunk after only a glass of wine. Anka and Boss Zhong will only drink in small glasses, they are not bold men. The other Wielders are either under age or forbidden to drink (such as Ranulk). Only Kaliyyeh can be talked to after being drunk, but she can’t remember anything after she wakes up. 

Daily Task –  Daily Plot 3: (coming soon)

Evaluation – Bun Azusa: (coming soon)

Evaluation – Lulu: (coming soon)

Evaluation – Li Ruoyin: (coming soon)

Classified Files

Relationship – Tie Fragment 1: Selected as the ritual dancer by her hometown, she gained the power to create unlimited ambrosia on the day of the ritual. The villagers were astonished and named her the priestess. However, she was bored of suppling the townsfolk with ambrosia, so she left behind a huge supply of ambrosia for them and left town. In her travels, she found out her powers are related to the rumored “Confluence”, and finally came to this city.

Relationship – Tie Fragment 2: (coming soon)

Relationship – Tie Fragment 3: (coming soon)

Relationship – Tie Fragment 4: (coming soon)

Relationship – Tie Fragment 5: (coming soon)