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Antoneva is useful for situations wherein her ultimate skill can buy the team some time but otherwise not as powerful as other mages that you could replace her with.

How to Play

Antoneva is a skill-based AOE damage dealing mage with crowd control abilities.

Her first skill can be used to close distance quickly but requires her to be almost right in front of the enemy in order for her return blink to hit. Even if you ignore the return blink, the skill will put her in melee range for the enemy. Being a mage with relatively weak defense and HP, this is risky. Her second skill has pretty decent damage and AOE range but to hit reliably, you again need to be very near the enemy which puts her at risk. Used properly, her ultimate can be used to save herself and/or her teammates from a dangerous attack since allied Wielders under its effect take no damage. Her ultimate can also be used to nuke enemies while buying Cooldown time for allied Wielders.


We recommend equipping Antoneva with Kageso that maximizes her repeat chance and magical damage. Try to get close to an enemy but right outside of its range of attack, throw a skill, then back away to avoid getting hit.

Antoneva’s ultimate skill is a lifesaver in the Unending Nightmare levels in Hall of Memories since it buys you and your team precious seconds during which the enemies inflict damage. Make sure that you are near your teammates and aim the skill to cover all three of you.

Antoneva’s ultimate skill causes a lot of annoyance to others in Spatial Tempest because it delays the run and interrupts the actions of your teammates. Please be considerate and select a different Wielder for Spatial Tempest runs.

How to Acquire

Save Antoneva. Follow the Antoneva route successfully until Day 2. (Antoneva route guide coming soon)

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Each Skill that hits a target Buffs nearby allies in a 200-unit range with 3% increased Pierce for 6 seconds, up to 3 stacks.

Level 2: increase duration by 2 seconds.

Level 3: maximum stacks is 4 stacks.

Level 4: maximum stacks is 5 stacks.

Antoneva Wielder 1st skill Appartition in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows blink path

1ST SKILL – Apparition

Blink to the target area, deal Magic Damage to all surrounding enemies upon arrival. Within 6 seconds, tap again to return to the original location, dealing damage again. Cooldown 8 seconds.

Level 2: increase Damage 11.4%

Level 3: increase Damage 12.8%

Level 4: increase Damage 13.6%

Antoneva Wielder 2nd skill Time Delay Forcefield in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows forcefield

2ND SKILL – Time Delay Forcefield

Throw a Slow Energy Ball forward, when it contacts an enemy, deals Damage to the target and all surrounding enemies, and creates a Time Delay Forcefield that Slows all enemies Inside by 50% for 5 seconds. If Antoneva enters the Time Delay Forcefield, Stun all enemies for 1 second and deal Magic Damage. Cooldown 12 seconds.

Level 2: increase Damage 11.4%

Level 3: increase Damage 12.8%

Level 4: increase Damage 13.6% and stun for 2 seconds

Antoneva Wielder ultimate skill Dimension Banish in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows sucking void

ULTIMATE SKILL – Dimension Banish

Cause Spatial Relocation at the target area. After 1 second, all enemies in the target area are relocated to another dimension, returning after 2.5 seconds. Enemy units take Magic Damage upon return. Cooldown 25 seconds..

Level 2: increase Damage 11.4%

Level 3: increase Damage 12.8%

Level 4: increase Damage 13.6%

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Strong against: Spirit

Weak against: Tough

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(coming soon)

Description: (coming soon)

Passive Skill: (coming soon)

(coming soon)

Level 1: (coming soon)

Level 2: (coming soon)

Level 3: (coming soon)

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EXCLUSIVE KAGESO – (coming soon)

Basic Attributes: (coming soon)

Kageso Specials: (coming soon)

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Rank 2.0: When spending Energy (Yellow Gem) to Switch in yourself, the Attack Speed of all friendly Wielders will be increased by 20%, lasting for 4 seconds.

Rank 3.0: When hit by a countered Monster, Damage Resistance improves from 25% to 30%.

Rank 4.0: When equipping this Kageso, its Cost reduces by 2.

Rank 5.0: (coming soon)

Rank 6.0: (coming soon)

Rank 7.0: (coming soon)

Kageso Inscriptions:

(coming soon)


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Basic Files

Height: 165 cm

Weight: Sorry, This is a Secret

Birthday: June 26

Gender: F

Motto: Come with me…to the end of the world

Appears: Central Department

Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto

One of the founders of Central Department, a gentle and resilient lady, She was originally a literature postgraduate, but having witnessed her family died in the Black Fog, her body mutated, and she became one of the first Wielders. She excels at  doing writing/documentation-related work with attention to detail. She’s been doing heavy loads of related paperwork for the Central Department since its establishment. She is mild-tempered and easy-going. She usually jokes along but she gets serious when she has to. She is willing to endure any pain and distress to keep it going.

Advanced Files

Hobby – Favorite Thing: (coming soon)

Hobby – Annoying Thing: (coming soon)

Relic – Divine Artifact: (coming soon)

Relic – Relic Plot 1: (coming soon)

Relic – Relic Plot 2: (coming soon)

Relic – Relic Plot 3: (coming soon)

Ability – Wielder Ability: A space where people can freely come and go.

Daily Task – Daily Plot 1:

How many Antonevas can exist in this world at most? When I brought this question to Antoneva, she touched her lips and thought about it for awhile before finally concluding with–around 20 of her. Though theoretically they could fit in more, but the Database room is already filled to the brim. 

Daily Task – Daily Plot 2:

Antoneva loves literature. Her favorite book is not by a great author, but rather a title-less poetry book she bought at an old book store. The book is only the size of two palms, very thin, and only 50 pages. She keeps the book in her personal belongings and reads it whenever she is annoyed. She says she gains the courage and hope to face the future from the book. If possible, she would like to share it with the Commander.   

Daily Task – Daily Plot 3:

(coming soon)

Evaluation – Rin: (coming soon) 

Evaluation – Ann: (coming soon)

Evaluation – Bun Azusa: (coming soon)

Classified Files

Relationship – Tie Fragment 1:

We are nameless persons. But we leave a name with each other at this moment. We saw Antoneva so many times in the past. They all remember my name… 

Relationship – Tie Fragment 2: (coming soon)

Relationship – Tie Fragment 3: (coming soon)

Relationship – Tie Fragment 4: (coming soon)

Relationship – Tie Fragment 5: (coming soon)