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Ann is the first Wielder that you acquire. She is a popular Wielder amongst beginners due to her attractive character design and voicing but can be difficult to build to maximum potential.

How to Play

Ann is played as a combination of a survivability tank and melee damage dealer.

Her first skill can be used to close distance quickly and if timed properly to dodge attacks. Since Ann will end up behind the enemy after the skill ends, it is also useful for strategic positioning. Her second skill has a short range but is useful when enemies are grouped closely together. Her ultimate can save her from an otherwise fatal high-damage attack or stun as it allows her to instantly escape and recover HP.


We recommend equipping Ann with Kageso that maximizes her combo and repeat chances. Time her Ultimate wisely to allow Ann to use her skills as often as possible as well as keep her alive.

How to Acquire

Clear the tutorial.

Ann Wielder passive skill Temporal Blade in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows sweeping blades of time

PASSIVE SKILL – Temporal Blade

Gain a Status Effect on self every 3 seconds, up to 4 stacks. Each stack grants additional Physical Damage to the next Basic Attack.

Level 2: increase Damage by 11.4%

Level 3: increase Damage by 12.8%

Level 4: increase Damage by 13.6%, up to 6 stacks

Ann Wielder 1st skill Seconds Accelerate in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows character dashing forward

1ST SKILL – Seconds-Accelerate

Ann speeds up time for herself. Quick Attack a target and up to 3 nearby enemies for increased Physical Damage. Ann cannot be Attacked and Targeted while Attacking. After Attacking, Attack appears behind the target.

Level 2: increased Damage 14.2%

Level 3: increased Damage 25%

Level 4: up to 4 nearby enemies

Ann Wielder 2nd skill Time Slow in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows one leg in running motion

2ND SKILL – Time-Slow

Deal increased Physical Damage to all nearby enemy targets, also decrease their Movement Speed by 50% for 3 seconds.

Level 2: increased Damage 14.2%

Level 3: increased Damage 25%

Level 4: also reduces their Attack Speed by 50%

Ann Wielder ultimate skill Time Reversal in mobile game Eternal City circular icon shows sweeping clock hands

ULTIMATE SKILL – Time Reversal

Ann removes all Negative Status Effects on her, returns to her location from 4 seconds ago, restore HP (no more than 30% of Max HP), and restore all Skill Cooldowns.

Level 2: HP recovery amount increase 11.4%

Level 3: HP recovery amount increase 12.8%

Level 4: HP recovery amount increase 13.6%

Wielder attribute type Deft in mobile game Eternal City yellow winged boot icon


Strong against: Spirit

Weak against: Tough

Wielder role Assassin in mobile game Eternal City Shuriken icon



Ann Wielder divine artifact blade of time in mobile game Eternal City gold dual wield swords with clock guard


Dual-wield sword

Description: Chronos injured his father with this sharp blade, the symbol of flowing time

Passive Skill: Loopback Moment

After Ann uses Time Reversal, decrease the Skill Cooldown of friendly wielders

Level 2: decrease Cooldown by 0.2 seconds.

Level 3: decrease Cooldown by 0.5 seconds.

Level 4: decrease Cooldown by 1 second.

Ann Wielder exclusive kageso sands of time in mobile game Eternal City glass bottle containing sand with clock icon


Basic Attributes: Physical Power, Repeat Chance

Kageso Specials: Time Warp (The power to distort time itself.)

Casting Time Reversal will increase the next Ability Damage in the next 5 seconds by 50 %

Rank 2.0: When spending Energy (Yellow Gem) to Switch in yourself, the Attack Speed of all friendly Wielders will be increased by 20%, lasting for 4 seconds.

Rank 3.0: When hit by a countered Monster, Damage Resistance improves from 25% to 30%.

Rank 4.0: When equipping this Kageso, its Cost reduces by 2.

Rank 5.0: (coming soon)

Rank 6.0: (coming soon)

Rank 7.0: (coming soon)

Kageso Inscriptions:

Time starts dissipating tomorrow but has started gathering since yesterday.


Ann wielder outfit skin Darkmoon Blossom in mobile game Eternal City anime girl pastel orange hair royal blue maid outfit dual wield swords double light blue clock haloAnn wielder summer event exclusive outfit skin Maid's Holiday in mobile game Eternal City anime girl pastel orange hair black maid bikini outfit dual wield swords double ocean blue clock halo


Basic Files

Height: 162 cm

Weight: It’s a secret!

Birthday: March 26

Gender: F

Motto: Must work hard to make every day count!

Appears: Central Department

Voiced by: Kugimiya Rie

A gentle, lovely, and dazzling girl. It has been too happy to keep in mind that it is not human. She will be a considerate wife. She has no mysophobia, and is not afraid to get dirty during work. She respects those getting wealthy with their own strength, that’s why she selected the apparel of a worker. She is always wears a maid outfit, which makes her feel closer to the laborer.

Advanced Files

Hobby – Favorite Thing: Clean and Tidy the Room

Hobby – Annoying Thing: Disheveled Person

Relic – Divine Artifact: Dual-wield Sword: Blade of Time

Relic – Relic Plot 1: (coming soon)

Relic – Relic Plot 2: (coming soon)

Relic – Relic Plot 3: (coming soon)

Ability – Wielder Ability: Adjust According to the Power of the Enemy

Daily Task – Daily Plot 1:

She often goes shopping in the evening because she said that the supermarket will have a big sale then. Although the family is not short of money, she is still strict with money like a newly married wife. 

Daily Task – Daily Plot 2:

She is good at cleaning rooms. Her best record is to clean all the rooms of the Central Department damaged in the battle in one afternoon. Especially for broken walls, she just smashes them directly to remove them… In fact, Ann has a strong hidden power that we can’t imagine.  

Daily Task – Daily Plot 3:

The best cooking record is to complete breakfast for 3 people in 5 minutes. Well, of course, the ingredients were prepared in advance. Ann still feels very sad to think that she has delayed the meeting…

Evaluation – Antoneva: Cook’s far too quickly, I wish I could learn from her. 

Evaluation – Haku: Haku really likes her, she’s so affectionate toward everyone!

Evaluation – Darvela: Ha, so very naive.

Classified Files

Relationship – Tie Fragment 1:

As a mechanical puppet, it has a face the same as ordinary people and an extremely complex self-consciousness program. The initial mind is set at 10 years old, and it will learn various kinds of knowledge and grow up as time goes by. After certain learning amounts are accumulated, its intracerebral program will unlock a new level and it will have growth in thinking. 

Relationship – Tie Fragment 2:

She is able to understand abstract concepts regarding human emotions, but fails to grasp more complex concepts such as salvation and sacrifice. She always stays with her master, and everything she does also centers around her master. However, studies show her growth rate is drastically slower than other humans; this may have something to do with her learning environment.

Relationship – Tie Fragment 3: (coming soon)

Relationship – Tie Fragment 4: (coming soon)

Relationship – Tie Fragment 5: (coming soon)