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Valhalla game mode screen in mobile game Eternal City


Tapping on the Valhalla button in the Tactical Terminal opens the Valhalla screen.

Valhalla is divided into Endless Challenges and Single Floor Patrols.

At the top right of the screen, you will see the User who holds the current record and the highest floor that the User was able to complete.

At the bottom left of the screen, there is the Universal Exchange store button (same icon as Inscription Chip currency) where you can exchange Inscription Chips. Universal Exchange can also be accessed from Black Gate Trials and Spatial Conquest. To the right of the Universal Exchange store button, you can see how many Inscription Chips you currently possess as well as the highest floor that you have managed to complete.

Valhalla Single Floor Patrol game mode screen in mobile game Eternal City
Valhalla mini map in mobile game Eternal City
Valhalla yellow electricity attack buff circle in mobile game Eternal City


Tapping on the right half of the Valhalla screen takes you to Single Floor Patrol.

Single Floor Patrol is the main and best place to acquire Embers which are used for the Wielder Liberate function so we strongly recommend that you use all of your 3 daily attempts.

Single Floor Patrol is divided into three categories: Prayer Embers floors where you can acquire Blessing Embers, Astra Embers floors where you can acquire Relic Embers, and Amnesty Embers floors where you can acquire Pardon Embers. Each category has 10 Patrol Depths or difficulty levels. Aside from Embers, you can also acquire Nano Robots (which are used for Rapid Stage Clear of Endless Challenges) and Coin.

Depending on the day of the week, different categories will be open.

Monday: Amnesty floors, Tuesday: Astra floors, Wednesday: Prayer floors, Thursday: Amnesty floors, Friday: Astra floors, Saturday: All floors, Sunday: Prayer floors.

Each day, you have 3 attempts.

You take 3 of your Wielders into a Single Floor Patrol which is a map that consists of square rooms connected by gates. On the mini-map at the top right of your battle screen: the turquoise block is the room that you are currently in, the red blocks are rooms with regular Monsters, the red blocks with a black monster icon are rooms with Elite Monsters, gray blocks are rooms that you have cleared, and the red block with the yellow location marker is the final room where you will fight 1 or 2 Wielders depending on the Patrol Depth.

Once you enter a room, the gates of that room will close and you will not be able to exit/escape the room until you have defeated all the Monsters in the room.

Rooms will often have yellow pillars which you can destroy for more Rewards and occasionally Red Orbs and Yellow Gems.

Defeating an Elite Monster will often reveal a buff circle. Standing on or near the buff circle for a few seconds will grant a buff to your active Wielder.

There are 2 types of buffs:

Yellow buff: during the buff duration, a maximum of 3 electricity attacks will hit nearby enemies every second(?).

Green buff: during the buff duration, all team members will receive heals every second (?).

Valhalla Endless Challenges game mode screen in mobile game Eternal City
Valhalla Endless Challenges Bonus Stats window in mobile game Eternal City


Tapping on the left half of the Valhalla screen takes you to Endless Challenges.

Each week, you will have 3 attempts.

Endless Challenges is a good place to acquire Relic Remains, Imaginon Cubes, and Thauma Conductors which are used for the Breakthrough of the Wielder Liberate function as well as Ghost Dye which is used to Allocate Relic Points for your Divine Artifacts so we strongly recommend that you use all of your 3 weekly attempts.

Endless Challenges is separated into Challenge Levels. Each Challenge Level consists of 5 floors. You can check the Rankings from the Rankings button on the bottom left of the screen.

You can use Nano Robots which are acquired from Single Floor Patrol to Rapid Clear (auto clear) Endless Challenge Levels previously completed.

In Endless Challenges, all deployed Wielders will be set to 4-Star, Rank 4 Ratings. All Kageso stats and effects from equipped Kageso will be ignored. The first 3 Wielders selected will start at Wielder Level 1 and gain Levels as they progress through the Challenge Level.

At the top right of the screen, you will see the Stat Bonus applied to Endless Challenges. The Stat Bonus is affected by how many Wielders you have, how many Divine Artifacts you have unlocked, how many CGs you have, how many Hall of Memories chapters you have completed, and how many perfect completions you have in Hall of Memories. You can tap on Stat Bonus to see the details.

The way that a Challenge Level in Endless Challenges works is similar to Single Floor Patrol. You go through 5 floors comprised of square rooms. A big difference is that all Wielders are set to 4-Star Rank 4 stats. You start out by selecting 3 Wielders to clear the 1st floor with. After clearing each floor, you will see 3 random Wielders (excluding the Wielders already on your team) that you can choose 1 from to add to your team. To select a Wielder, stand on or near the Wielder’s circle (similar to how you activate a buff circle). The selected Wielder will be of a higher Wielder Level than your current team members. You can switch out team members at any time. Note that if a Wielder loses all HP, the Wielder cannot be revived and is unusable throughout the remainder of the Challenge Level.

In some of the rooms in Endless Challenges, there is a cordoned off red section that can only be accessed by Wielders with a targeted Jump Skill (such as Mila) or targeted Blink Skill (such as Bacchur) or certain Charge Skills (such as Vera). Entering the red section and standing near the red gem for a few seconds will grant you a Reward.

Full Rules

Endless Challenge Mode

Commanders can Attempt Endless Challenge Mode 3 times a day. Leaving in the middle of the Challenge will not use up an Attempt. The 3 Attempts limit will be reset every Monday at 07:00.

Stats of Deployed Wielders

The system will set all deployed Wielders to 4-star, Rank 4 Ratings (not affected by Kageso). Their Initial Level will be set to 1. Level them up during the Match by killing Monsters to increase their Stats.

Challenge Rewards

Challenge Rewards will be issued at the end of the Challenge. No Rewards will be provided if Commanders leave halfway through.

Substitute Wielders

During the process of the Endless Challenge Mode, Substitute Wielders will join the Team to continue the Challenge. The Commander can bring at most 3 Substitute Wielders at a time. Deployed Wielders can be switched out for the replacements for Battle.


The first 50 Commanders of the Server to reach the highest Completion Level will enter the Rankings. Commanders are Ranked according to the number of Floors completed. If multiple Commanders have reached the same Floor, then said Commanders will be Ranked by order of time the Floor was achieved.

Layer Patrol Mode (Single Floor Patrol)

Participant Restrictions

Commanders can attempt Layer Patrols 3 times a day. Leaving in the middle of the challenge will not use up an attempt. The 3 attempts limit will be reset every 24:00.

Area access changes

The Layer Patrol is divided into 3 areas: Pardon Ember, Relic Ember, and Blessing Ember.
Different areas will be opened at different times:
Monday: Pardon Ember
Tuesday: Relic Ember
Wednesday: Blessing Ember
Thursday: Pardon Ember
Friday: Relic Ember
Saturday: All
Sunday: Blessing Ember

Challenge Rewards

Challenge rewards will be issued once the stage is completed successfully. No rewards will be provided if commanders leave halfway through.