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Eternal City mobile game app icon featuring the wielder Bahisa's cute anime girl face peach hair eyepatch black chain
mobile game Eternal City login screen and user setup with Antoneva Ann Kachigo Vera Bahisa Osagi Niya Yukiri


After installing the app and opening for the first time, you will have the option of playing on a guest account or binding to your Google and/or Facebook accounts. You can always bind your account later.

At the loading screen, you can set the language (for the SEA version, you can choose between English, Thai, and Traditional Chinese), as well as the audio and graphics settings.

mobile game Eternal City male and female protagonist character art full body and head shot


Upon starting the game for the first time, you will be able to choose between a male and female protagonist.

During the first cutscene sequence, you will be able to enter the name for your protagonist.

Both your protagonist’s gender and name can be changed later via the profile screen.

Click here to read about the Protagonist’s story. coming soon.

mobile game Eternal City Profile Summary in tactical terminal


From the City View, tapping on the Tactical Terminal (the bottom right icon that looks like a mobile phone) will show the Real-Time Clock, the User/Protagonist Profile Summary Box, and Memory Gap button on the left two-thirds of the screen.

User/Protagonist Summary Box

On the left side of the Tactical Terminal screen is the User/Protagonist Profile summary box which shows your User/Protagonist portrait, User/Protagonist name, Account ID number, personal info (which is your tagline/slogan/motto), User/Protagonist Level, and your Chief Wielder.

mobile game Eternal City Profile Window with Saihamm and counts for wielder endcycle cg and hall of memories

User/Protagonist Profile Window

Tapping anywhere on the summary box will open up the Profile window.

By tapping on the User/Protagonist portrait, you can change your portrait (default portrait, select from your device’s album, or take a photo with your device’s camera),  your Protagonist’s gender, and the portrait frame.

You can edit your User/Protagonist name by tapping on your existing User/Protagonist name.

Underneath the Protagonist’s name you will see your User/Protagonist’s current level and Account ID (fixed).

Beneath those you can edit your personal info which is basically a tagline/slogan/motto.

To the window’s top right, you can view and equip badges. Badges are not yet unlocked for the SEA (Southeast Asia) version (the version that supports English).

You can also see your Wielder acquisition status with the number of Divine Artifacts you have unlocked, the number of completed Cycles/Weeks (your current Cycle/Week is this number +1), CG unlock status with the number of Endings achieved, and the number of completed Hall of Memories with the number of perfect completions.

To the bottom right of the window, you can set your Chief Wielder which will determine which Wielder you see at the cutscene at the end of each in-game Day.

mobile game Eternal City Memory Gap screen showing plot wielder sidequest ending CG


When you tap on the Memory Gap button, you will see Memories (acquired CG and final Cycle/Week score) from other Users which you can use the refresh button to see more of.

mobile game Eternal City My Memories screen showing acquired ending CG and cycle score

My Memories

By tapping on the My Memories button at the bottom left, you can view all your Memories (your acquired Ending CGs and final scores for each Cycle/Week) and your Memory Fragments (video endings that depend on which Wielders you chose for those Story Arcs/Routes/Endings).

Click here for Ending guides. coming soon.

Eternal City mobile game City View screen with Chat sidebar showing text messages and Alize, Fennick, and Coruno emoticons


From the City View, tapping the arrow/triangle in the center of the left edge will open the chat sidebar.

You can choose from world chat, usual chat, team chat, and event chat by tapping the respective tabs on the left.

You can send text messages, voice messages, and emoticons (unlocked via game progression).

Clicking the button at the far bottom left that says Round will keep a chat bar at the bottom of the screen with pop up comments continuously streaming across the city view screen. Although you can set the pop up comments density, speed, size and color via the chat settings button, we recommend that you refrain from this function as it can be quite distracting. To remove the chat bar and the streaming pop up comments, click on the chat icon at the far left of the chat bar then when the chat side bar pops up click the arrow at the center of the chat sidebar.

Friend Partner Stranger list tabs with chat window in the Tactical Terminal of mobile game Eternal City


From the City View, tap the Tactical Terminal (the bottom right icon that looks like a mobile phone) then the Friend button at the bottom right.

You can add or delete Friends from the Friend tab.

You can add or delete Partners (favorite or close Friends) from the Partners tab.

The Stranger tab shows you messages from Users not on your Friends or Partners list and also shows your blacklist.

All tabs allow you to tap on a User to enter direct messaging (text and voice).

All tabs also allow you to send and receive Tie Points.

Click here to learn more about Tie Points.

Eternal City mobile game account User Center with Google and Facebook bind window


You can have multiple Accounts on a single device by binding one Account to your Google account and another to your Facebook account.

You can switch between your Accounts from the loading screen which has a Switch button or the Account button which is accessed via the Support button in the Tactical Terminal. You can also play on a guest Account that in not bound to your Google or Facebook account but it is not recommended as you will not be able to recover your Account data in the case that it is lost.