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Depending on the Choices you make during each Cycle/Week, you will experience different Story Arcs/Routes/Endings. Click below to read more about the story elements revealed by the Story Arcs/Routes/Endings.

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As you progress through the game, you will learn more about the Wielders under your command. Click below to read more about their backstories, personalities, and relationship with you, their Commander.

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The Protagonist, whom you play, wakes up crying and with no memory in a room in the company of two strangers who introduce themselves as Antoneva and Ann. Antoneva places a cell phone in your hand. She tell you that it was found with you, that it’s called a Tactical Terminal, and that you are their Commander now that you have it.

Ann then takes you to the City and explains that Black Gates that produce Black Fog and monsters from the Dimension appear at random locations in the city. She explains that our duty is to destroy the monsters and Black Gates to protect mankind.

She then introduces you to the Central Department which is basically the headquarters from whence you and the Wielders operate. She explains that the Central Department was founded by Hiro, the only Commander before you arrived who assembled the Wielders and saved the city from the Black Fog. Just then, the air becomes shrouded in Black Fog and you have the feeling of being frozen in a different space. It’s a Black Gate! After you and Ann destroy the Black Gate, a black crystal, a Black Core, appears at its center. It floats to you and rests in your hands then turns into a pristine white color. You are told that you have the ability to cleanse Cores. Thus begins your journey. Your choices will influence the destiny of the City, the Wielders, Hiro, and yourself. Only you seem to be able to see a strange 7-Day countdown hovering in the sky…


The City that you are in is called Confluence. It is the location where Black Gates from the Dimension appear. The City has 10 Districts: Central Department, Campus, East Boulevard, Downtown District, Research Institute, Bayside Town, Old Town, Harbor Bay, Hakuya House, and Memorial Store.

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Confluence is in a mysterious Time Loop with time restarting after 7 Days (in-game Days). Each 7-Day period is called a Cycle. A mysterious girl seems to be behind the Time Loop…

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A Tactical Terminal is a mobile device used to store the data and abilities of Wielders. According to the plot, it is possible to transfer and share memories via a Tactical Terminal by utilizing the frequency between memories. Allowing to even check the enemy’s memories. In the game screen, the Tactical Terminal acts like a menu with which you can access Wielder functions and information, Kageso functions, your PDA and Album, Emoticons, the Hall of Memories, Spatial Tempest, the Competency Trials, the Dark Bazaar, Valhalla, your Backpack, Settings, Support, Official Facebook page link, (in-game) Forum and Personal Messages, Mail (from development team), and your Friend List.

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The Dimension, sometimes referred to as the Xeno Dimension or Xenos, is an alternate world or dimension. Not much is known about the Dimension aside from the fact that it is inhabited by aggressive monsters and filled with Black Fog.


The convergence points between our world/dimension and the Dimension open Black Gates. Black Gates are inter-dimensional rifts that look like a dark purple pixelated hole. The opening of a Black Gate is accompanied by a feeling of being frozen in a different space, the dispersion of Black Fog, and the appearance of monsters. A Black Core lies at the center of a Black Gate.

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At the center of each Black Gate is a Black Core. It contains the power that keeps the Black Gate open. Conversely, a Core can be used to open a Black Gate. Commanders have the ability to cleanse Black Cores turning them into White Cores which causes the Black Gate to close/be destroyed. Black Cores can also be used to grow purple black crystals which can imprison a mortified Wielder. Collecting and cleansing Cores is one of your goals as a Commander.


Black Fog flows out from Black Gates. It seems to be a source of energy for the monsters and possibly what they are formed of. Black Fog eats away at the Anima (life force) of a Wielder eventually causing a process known as Mortification. Black Fog and Thauma may be one and the same (unconfirmed).


You play the role of a new Commander. The first Commander was Hiro who experienced the Dark Age/the Black Gate Incident, the period when the Black Gates first appeared. He founded the Central Department, created the Commander – Wielder system, and led the fight for the city. You are the only other Commander aside from Hiro. Commanders have maximum authority over Wielders. Commanders provide Anima or life force to the Wielders without which the Wielders would be overpowered by the Thauma within them and undergo Mortification. Commanders seem to have the ability to transform a regular person into a Wielder (unconfirmed).

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Wielders are humans who have gained powerful abilities through their contact with the Dimension. Wielders are much more powerful than Commanders but they yield to the maximum authority of the Commanders working and fighting under their command. Wielders have both Thauma and Anima in their bodies. The two must be in balance for the Wielder to avoid Mortification. The Thauma in a Wielder’s body dwindles over time and when it becomes critically low, the Wielder undergoes Mortification. As a Commander, you need to acquire Wielders, develop them, and maintain their Thauma and Anima levels.

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After the Black Gate Incident, Hiro gathered the Wielders, became the first Commander and founded the Central Department to be the headquarters from which he and the Wielders would fight back against the threats from the Dimension. The Central Department is managed by seven Wielders dubbed The Seven Disciples. Antoneva handles administration, Olucia, Ranulk, and Flora manage combat operations, Anka and Elusha manage city affairs, and Darvela handles assassination and sabotage.


Anima is the life force of the Commanders and Wielders. The Commanders are the source of Anima. A Commander’s Anima can be distributed to the Wielders under the Commander’s command.


Thauma is a force originating from the Dimension. It seems that a person becomes a Wielder through the intake of Thauma and Anima (unconfirmed). The Thauma in a Wielder’s body dwindles over time and when a Wielder is out of Thauma, the Wielder is Mortified. Thauma and Black Fog might be one and the same (unconfirmed). A certain amount of Thauma is required to enter an area with a Black Gate.


Mortification is a process that takes place in a Wielder when the Wielder’s Thauma becomes critically low. A Wielder’s Thauma level is indicated by their Fatigue. The initial phase is marked by corruption of the body with some veins turning purple and later small purple black crystals forming on the skin. The physical corruption causes a large boost in physical power. After the initial phase, the mind of the Wielder becomes corrupted. Rather than the loss of consciousness, it is the entry of “no consciousness” into the body. The Wielder’s will is consumed by the “no consciousness”. Finally, the Wielder dies.