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Spatial Tempest and Raging Tempest game mode screen in mobile game Eternal City


Tapping on the Spatial Tempest button in the Tactical Terminal opens the Spatial Tempest screen.

The Spatial Tempest screen consists of 4 Spatial Tempests which are refreshed each day and 1 Raging Tempest which is available at set times. Each Spatial Tempest consists of 6 battles and each Raging Tempest consists of 1 Boss Monster battle.

When a Raging Tempest is available, you will see an open red portal with a timer counting down the remaining time before the Raging Tempest closes. When a Raging Tempest is unavailable, you will see a closed red portal with the next time that a Raging Tempest will be available.

Spatial Tempest is a great place to acquire Kageso especially since you can see exactly which Kageso and which Grade level you will be acquiring before you undertake each battle.

Raging Tempest is one of the quickest ways to acquire Dust, Refine Agent, Pact of Time, and Blue or Purple grade Kageso.

In Spatial Tempest and Raging Tempest battles you can use auto-play. You will generally have no issues using auto-play for Spatial Tempest battles but Raging Tempest battles may require you to manually battle depending on your Wielders’ Levels and Kageso.

At the top of the screen, you can see how much time remains before the Spatial Tempests are refreshed.

At the bottom left of the screen, there is the Total Gains button (cube icon) from which you can check the Rewards you have acquired in the current round. The Universal Exchange store button (same icon as Void Residue currency) where you can exchange Void Residue is to the right of the Total Gains button. Universal Exchange can also be accessed from Valhalla and Black Gate Trials.

At the bottom right of the screen is the Tempest Mission bar where you can see how many of the 4 Spatial Tempests you have conquered. Once you complete all 4 Spatial Tempest battles, you can tap on the shaking cube on the far right to acquire 10000 Coin and 1 Opal.

Spatial Tempest and Raging Tempest matching screen in mobile game Eternal City
Spatial Tempest and Raging Tempest friend invite screen in mobile game Eternal City


The Spatial Tempest and Raging Tempest match you up with 2 other Users to make a team of 3 Wielders, 1 Wielder from each User.

In the Matching screen, you will see your selected Wielder, which you can change using the Change button at the bottom left of the screen, and two + buttons to either side of your Wielder.

You can tap on a + button to invite a Friend or a User that you recently matched up with.

Alternatively, you can tap the Match button on the bottom right to have the game automatically search for and match you with Users. This option is quite quick as it generally takes less than 30 seconds for the game to find you matches.

There are 2 important things to note before you attempt Spatial Tempest or Raging Tempest.

First, do not select Wielders that have Skills that impede your teammates such as Antoneva or Bun Azusa. Since you will mostly be relying on auto-play, such Wielders will not only cause annoyance for your teammates but also cause you to complete the battles slower. If sufficiently annoyed, your teammates may sabotage your Spatial Tempest run by intentionally dying.

Second, if you leave your team without conquering a Spatial Tempest or Raging Tempest, you will be barred from joining another Spatial Tempest or Raging Tempest team for a period of time. The first time, the period of time will be quite short but repeatedly bailing on your team will get you barred for significant time periods. You can leave your team after conquering a Spatial Tempest (completing 6 battles) or a Raging Tempest without penalty. Simply click the “Leave Team” button at the bottom center the screen after acquiring your Rewards.