Tactical Terminal – Dark Bazaar

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Buy tab of Dark Bazaar in Tactical Terminal of mobile game Eternal City


Tapping on the Dark Bazaar in the Tactical Terminal opens the Dark Bazaar screen on the Buy tab.

In-game description: The Dark Bazaar is an online market created and maintained by the mysterious organization known as Horizon Wings.

There are three tabs in the Dark Bazaar screen: Buy, Sell, and Bulletin.

Buying and selling in the Dark Bazaar are done using Dust as currency.


The Buy tab shows for sale posts listed by other Users and is divided into Kageso, Rare Kageso, Detergent (Refine Agent), False Codex, and Ghost Dye categories.

The Buy tab also has a Search button at the bottom left corner that allows you to use Normal Search (type item name to search) and Kageso Search (set search filters).

The button at the top right corner allows you to display the posts in order of either ascending or descending Price.

Tapping on the small heart icon in the top right corner of a post adds the post to your Like list.

Tapping on a post shows you the posted Item/Kageso’s details, available Quantity, and listed Price.

All the Items and Kageso in the Buy tab can be purchased immediately and does not require a bid.

Sell tab of Dark Bazaar in Tactical Terminal of mobile game Eternal City


The Sell tab allows you to post Items or Kageso for sale. Tap on the Item or Kageso that you would like to post for sale then set the Quantity and Price via either Recommended Pricing or Free Pricing.

Recommended Pricing recommends a Price based on past Bazaar Sales of the same or comparable goods. If you set the Price via Recommended Pricing, you can Sell immediately without passing through the Bazaar review (the game’s check for fraudulent activity), Listing phase, and Bidding Phase whereas if you set the Price via Free Pricing, you will need to go through the above 3 steps.

There is a Fee which is a small amount of Coins charged as the shelving fee. The Fee is 5% for goods posted via Recommended Pricing and 10% for goods posted via Free Pricing.

Bulletin tab of Dark Bazaar in Tactical Terminal of mobile game Eternal City


The Bulletin tab shows you goods that are still in the Listing phase (accepting bids but not yet available for purchase). You can see the Price, Quantity, and remaining time until the Listing phase is completed and a Successful Bidder is selected at random amongst the bidders. You cannot purchase immediately but need to place a Bid during the 5-minute Bidding phase once the Listing phase countdown has expired.

Full Rules

Trade Currency

1. Dust is the only currency recognized by the Dark Bazaar.

2. Get Dust by participating in game modes such as Spatial Tempest and Competency Trials. Dust can also be redeemed using Gems. Selling goods in the Bazaar will also provide Dust.

Purchase and Sales

1. Goods offered at the Bazaar can be divided into 3 states: Listed, Bidding, and Sales. Listed goods cannot be purchased, and will enter a 5-second Bidding state once the Listed state ends. Commanders can apply to purchase a goods in the Listed state. Once the Listed phase ends, one buyer will be randomly selected from all buyers in the market as the Successful Bidder. The buyer who made the successful bid will gain the goods, while those who failed in the bid will have their Dust returned. If no one has applied to purchase the item at the end of the bidding phase, then the goods will enter the Sales phase where they can be directly purchased in a first-come, first-serve basis.

2. Only unbound items can be offered for sales in the Bazaar.

3. For Sales, Commander’s can choose to pricing methods, namely recommended pricing and free pricing. For recommended pricing, the Bazaar will refer to the actual trading of the goods in the market and provide a reference sales price. you can adjust this price within a certain range and sell the item immediately in the Bazaar. In free pricing, the commander is given free range to set the price. However, the goods must be listed in the market for 24 hours before it can be offered for sales. The transaction must pass Bazaar review first for the seller to collect the earnings.

Time limit and cost

1. Goods can only be sold for 48 hours and will be automatically un-shelved once this period expires.

2. A transaction fee of Coins will be deducted for shelving goods in the Bazaar. Once sold, a tax based on a proportion of the Dust income will be deducted (recommended pricing has a 5% tax rate, while free pricing has a 10% tax rate).