Hall of Memories

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Hall of Memories in mobile game Eternal City


Tapping on the Hall of Memories button in the Tactical Terminal opens the Hall of Memories screen.

Hall of Memories consists of sequentially unlocking Memories. Memories are 10 Wielder-specific challenges or “Dreams” that grant a special Reward when completed.

Hall of Memories is one of the best places in the game to acquire new Wielders, Wielder skins/outfits, Soul Shards, and Opals. However, it can be quite challenging to achieve level Completions, let alone Perfect Completions.

The following is a list of the Memories in the Hall of Memories, the requirements to unlock them, and the Rewards you can acquire by completing them:

Bahisa’s Memory: no requirement: Bahisa Memory Fragment No.2

Arashi Memory: complete Bahisa’s Memory + unlock CG #11: Arashi Memory Fragment No.2

Eiruby Memory: complete Bahisa’s Memory: Eiruby Memory Fragment No.2

Ann’s Memories: complete Eiruby Memory + unlock CG #43: Ann’s Darkmoon Blossom skin/outfit

Yukiri Memory: complete Eiruby Memory: Yukiri Memory Fragment No.3

Kachigo’s Memories: complete Yukiri Memory + unlock CG #13: Kachigo’s Way of the Sword skin/outfit

Mila’s Memories: complete Yukiri’s Memory: Wielder Mila

Antoneva’s Memory: complete Mila’s Memories + unlock CG #19: Antoneva’s Student Era skin/outfit

Anka Memories: complete Mila’s Memories: Wielder Anka

Rin’s Memories: complete Anka Memories + unlock CG #94: Wielder Rin

Flora Memory: complete Anka Memories: Wielder Flora

Vera’s Memories: complete Vera’s Memories + unlock CG #30: Vera’s Polar Snow skin/outfit

Bun Azusa Memories: complete Flora Memory: Bun Azusa’s Yin-Yang Fish skin/outfit

Cybil’s Memory: complete Bun Azusa Memories + unlock CG #55: Cybil’s Literary Girl skin/outfit

Ravi’s Memories: complete Bun Azusa Memories: Wielder Ravi

Rector Memory: complete Ravi’s Memories: Wielder Rector

…more to be released. We’ll continue updating as the game releases more Memories.

Dream Level map in the Hall of Memories in mobile game Eternal City


Each Memory consists of 10 Dream Levels:

Dream: Level 1

Dream: Level 2

Beset by demons in the heart – You must protect the Commander from the Monsters until the time runs out and you must destroy at least 10 Monsters. For a Perfect Completion, you must keep the Commander’s HP above 80% and close Memory Enhancement.

Dream: Level 4

Dream: Level 5

Unending Nightmares – You must survive for 45 seconds. For a perfect clear, you must keep the Commander’s HP above 80% and close Memory Enhancement.For a Perfect Completion, you must defeat 5 Monsters while surviving and close Memory Enhancement.

Dream: Level 7

Corrupted Mental – At the beginning of the battle, Energy Cores will be drawn to the Monster. Each Energy Core will strengthen the Monster by a significant amount so destroy the Energy Cores before the reach the Monster. Then, defeat the Monster. For a Perfect Completion, you must allow the Monster to absorb at least 4 Energy Cores and close Memory Enhancement.

Dream: Level 9

Nightmare invasion – The final fight against a powered up Wielder or Boss Monster.

Memory Enhancement for increase attribute in the Hall of Memories in mobile game Eternal City


At each Memory’s level map screen and each battle preparation screen, you can choose whether to open or close Memory Enhancement.

In the Memory’s level map screen, you can tap on the Memory Enhancement arrow at the bottom left of the screen and in battle preparation screens, it is in the top right of the screen.

You can toggle between open and close and then tap save to confirm your choice.

Open Memory Enhancement increases your Wielder’s Physical Attack, Magical Attack, and HP attributes but does not allow you to achieve Perfect Completions.

Close Memory Enhancement allows you to battle with your regular stats and achieve Perfect Completions.

Dream Level battle preparation screen in the Hall of Memories in mobile game Eternal City


All battles in the Hall of Memories feature powered up Monsters and Wielders often with special traits such as Control immunity, Physical Damage Immunity, etc. In the battle preparation screen, you will see which Monsters or Wielders you will face as well as any special traits the enemies will have in the Enemy Formation section.

For each Dream Level, you can be achieve Completion or Perfect Completion. The requirements for Perfect Completion are listed in the battle preparation screen and will include requirements such as:

•You must deploy a team consisting of only certain Wielder Roles (ex. only Warriors)

•You must exclude certain Attributes (ex. exclude Deft) from your team.

•You must complete the battle within 20 seconds.

•You must exceed 60 seconds before completing the battle.