About The Game


Eternal City is a real-time battle ARPG mobile game developed by NetEase, Inc. (NetEase is known as 网易 or Wǎngyì in China.)

With its beautiful 2.5-D anime-style visuals, high-quality music and voiceovers, intriguing multi-ending story, solid mix of hack and slash gameplay and turn-based strategy, well-designed character roster, and novel game system, Eternal City has gained high reviews and popularity with each of its releases and continues to build momentum.

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The game employs a first-person perspective for story elements and bird’s-eye view for turn-based strategy elements and action elements. Many popular artists were recruited for the beautiful 2-D images, opening cinematic, and 2.5-D graphics.


Famous Japanese musician, Kawai Kenji, led the game’s music production. In addition, many popular voice actors such as Hanazawa Kana, Uchida Maaya, and Kugimiya Rie lent their voice to bring the game characters to life.


Eternal City was developed by NetEase Games with 江林峰 (강림봉, Kang Lim Bong?) as Main Producer.



Released 22 November 2017 as Forever 7th Capital (永远的7日之都).

South Korea:

Released 28 June 2018 as Forever 7 Days (영원한 7일의 도시). Published by GaeaMobile.


Published by X.D. Global.


Released 8 May 2019 as Forever 7 Days (永遠の七日). Published by DeNA.

SEA (Southeast Asia):

Released 9 May 2019 as Eternal City. Published by X.D. Global Limited. This release is the first English version also supporting Thai and Traditional Chinese. Official homepage https://f7.xdg.com/

All versions were released with an ages 12+ rating on iOS and Android.

General story, Story Arcs/Routes, and Endings

User/Protagonist set up, Chat, Friends, Accounts, and Profile

Wielder details, Backstories, and Commanders

Kageso, Exclusive Kageso, Items, and Currency

Time, Action Points, Fatigue, City View, Districts, Battles, Wielder and Kageso mechanics

Hall of Memories and Dream Level mechanics

Spatial Tempest and Raging Tempest mechanics

Competency Trials, Combat Techniques Test, and Disaster Response Test mechanics

Valhalla, Endless Challenges, and Single Floor Patrol mechanics

Black Gate Trials, Challenge Intel Type One, and Challenge Intel Type Two mechanics