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Eternal City (also known as Forever 7th Capital, Forever 7 Days, 永远的7日之都, 영원한 7일의 도시, 永遠の七日) is a real-time battle action roleplaying mobile game developed by NetEase Games (网易, Wǎngyì) currently available in China, South Korea (published by Gaea Mobile), Taiwan (published by X.D. Global), Japan (published by DeNA) and Southeast Asia (the SEA version including the English version. Published by X.D. Global).

With its beautiful 2.5-D anime-style visuals, high-quality music and voiceovers, intriguing multi-ending story, solid mix of hack and slash ARPG gameplay and turn-based strategy, well-designed character roster, and novel game system, Eternal City has gained high reviews and popularity with each of its releases and continues to build momentum.

Official pre-registration began on 11 April 2019 and the official launch of the SEA/English version was on 9 May 2019.

Visit the official website here: https://f7.xdg.com

Please note that Eternal City was developed in China. When creating the SEA (Southeast Asia) version, which is the only version that supports English, it seems that they did not use professional translators resulting in a lot of broken English throughout the game and multiple terms/names for some Items, Functions, and Districts. Also, we tried to keep any text from the game (ex. Skill descriptions, Event rules, etc.) in its original form.